The Gift of Time


This year for Christmas, I splurged and bought gifts for many people in my family as well as several friends. I felt that I have much to be grateful for and appreciative of and wanted to share that with my loved ones. While I enjoy the idea of also being spoiled with gifts, I am someone that values time much more than gifts. If I love someone, I crave their attention; and I love it even more, when I don’t have to share it with others. Sometimes, I get that feeling of loneliness when I am in a crowd of people, even if it is friends or family. But I don’t get that when I am with one person, that I love, and I am receiving their undivided attention. To me, that time means the same as saying, “you are important” and “I value you”. I think, lately, I have been feeling selfish for wanting that, but I am realizing that there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend actual quality time with people I care about.

“Time is money,” is a phrase I have heard often. This means that I am not the only person that believes in the idea that time is a valuable thing. We value and even protect our time. We make time for work, for appointments, practicing a hobby, time to eat, to sleep, and to see our loved ones. If we spend an afternoon watching TV or sleeping, some may say it was a “waste of time” and they start listing all of the things they could have gotten done instead. We feel guilty when we don’t feel we are “using our time” productively. When people die or pass away some may say, “They were out of time” or “I wish I had more time with them”.

Isn’t it ironic, that these days, when we are “spending time together”, we are on our cell phones or watching TV or some other form of distraction. It is rare to see two people talking without interruption or distraction of some kind. For me, when I was with my partner, I now look back and cherish the days we spent together “doing nothing”. When we stopped scheduling so many things, we just spent the day together walking to the park or cuddling in bed. We even “lost track of time”. When a couple starts having children, they may say they no longer get any “quality time” with each other.

Time is a gift.

In reality, time is actually irrelevant. What I am really trying to say, is that we should give each other more undivided attention. Just simply being present with one another is a gift, especially these days. Part of being present with one another is listening. Listening is a gift too. I do not mean hearing while distracted and thinking our own thoughts, or waiting for our turn to talk. I mean to really listen and try to understand what they are saying.

“The present is a gift, that’s why they call it a present”. 😉

So as this year ends and next year begins, I want to give the gift of time. I want to volunteer and share my time with others that need it. I want to give my friends and family more undivided attention and really listen to what they are saying. I want to give myself time: Alone time. Time set aside for me, where I can rest and rejuvenate. Time to explore life and figure out what I am meant to do or maybe just what I enjoy doing and being okay with that. Time to listen to nature and what the Universe has to share with me. Time to have fun: To laugh hysterically, sing loudly, dance wildly, and not worry so much (about time).

Wherever you are and whatever your view of time is, consider the fact that there are people who care about you and would love the gift of your time. Even if it were only a few minutes of your time each day, this could be a world of difference to someone. We don’t always remember to say it, but we really do value and appreciate the time we share with others. After all, “time is precious”.



7 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. Time is so precious, and it’s frustrating to have those special moments with loved ones punctuated by something on a smartphone. I say turn them off, and show our loved ones that their company is special.

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  2. Being present with friends and family is so important. We recently had a family get together and decided that all guests had to stack their phones in a pile on a table when they arrived. At first it was fascinating how uncomfortable everyone was when not tethered to their phones. But then something interesting happened…. We connected, we laughed, we reminisced. We even thought of funny “punishments” for anyone who tried to reach for their phones. We had the time of our lives!


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