Romantic Tuesday -Stay With Me

Sometimes we just need to know that someone will be there for us – not to fix, not to talk, and maybe even not to listen – simply to be there and hold your hand



The sky darkens in my world

As her tears fall to the earth

The sun drops behind the mountains

The wind begins to blow fiercely


I try to heal her pain

With my words

But she tells me

She cannot be mended


She only wants to feel my love


I hold her face in my hand

Stare deeply into her eyes

And remind her

With all certainty


“I am here”

“I will not leave you”

“You are not alone”


Her tears flood the bedroom

Until we are floating in deep waters

She doesn’t want me to fix…



I fall silent

Wading with her

In a sea of unspoken thoughts

Until the storm passes


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