Poetry Creations



I learn from the trees

How to just be

Whatever in that moment

That might mean


How to hang on in the spring

When the storms may blow

And when fall leaves drop

How then to let go


Some trees grow straight

Some grow tall

Some grow sideways

And some grow small


Each so wonderfully unique

From their roots to the tip of their leaves

All with their own divine purpose

They have no need to be jealous or compete


There’s always a way to grow

Even when conditions are rough

They just breathe through it

No excuses for giving up


When the individual branches start to die

And no longer serve the whole of the tree

The pieces break off from the rest

So that the body can remain healthy


The tree is a home to so many

Mostly friends but also some foe

Those who nurture and nest

While others destroy it before they go


A tree can provide refuge and shelter

From the rain or the hot day’s sun

It bears fruit and nuts for many

While it asks for none


Every time I wander into the woods

I learn something new from the trees

I take a moment to sit and be still

To listen, watch, and breathe




The time we take to regret

We so easily forget

To love and appreciate

To hope and anticipate

All of the good things we have right now


So anxious for what’s to come

We fear everything that might come undone

If we feel we lost before we begin

How do we ever get to win

The only reality we have is right now


To meditate is to appreciate the now

In the silence I can hear

My worries and doubts disappear

In the darkness my fears fade away

For the light was always right there inside of me

Waiting for me to shine






Much like a mirror

Just a reflection

A skewed world, often filled with fear


An idea cast out to sea

In hopes of acceptance

The need to be seen


The natural instict to defend

Carefully choosing our selection

With whose time we want to spend


How we relate

Infused with affection

Choosing love over hate


Rebirth, a fresh start

Closer to perfection

Beginning with the heart


7 thoughts on “Poetry Creations

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I try to put thought into my writing whether it is an article, a journal, or a poem. I appreciate your feedback and taking the time to read it.


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