Heavy and Light


There’s so much hate and destruction in the world

Though I know it goes by many names

It is all in the name of fear


When my heart is so heavy, how can I be a light

When I feel powerless, how can I give hope flight


So how can I be the change

When it all seems so strange

I can’t seem to re-arrange

What’s been done

I’m left with one

Sad, heavy heart

I feel broken apart

Vulnerable, powerless

I must confess

I do feel blessed

But what about the rest

Whose lives have been lost

Whose lives has been tossed

By the waste side

They say change only comes from the inside

So we stand together to show our pride

That we are not afraid

We will not run away

From who we are and who we love


If love is the answer

How do we pull it out

When we’ve been devastated

With confusion and doubt

How can we make a difference

I can’t wrap my head around this

I don’t understand it in the least

I can’t believe that this was for religion

If religion is supposed to practice peace


When my heart is so heavy, how can I be a light

I have no answer, no magic, no power, no insight

I weep for those that lost their life without a chance to fight


We want to believe there’s a purpose for everything

For everyone, for what’s been done and what’s to come

A way to understand, comprehend

Learn how to mend, but when

Is there ever a good enough motive

To take someone else’s life in our hands

Who are we to decide what is right or wrong

Who’s good and who’s bad

We judge and we criticize, but we don’t listen

We label and condemn without consideration

We dehumanize and then we rationalize

Our actions, our reactions, to our own satisfaction

Our own morals, our own principles, our own beliefs

What about those of the lives that were taken,

Those lives that were shaken, forsaken,

Hate fosters hate, so it doesn’t pay to retaliate

Instead it’s a time to come together to appreciate

This one precious life that we have

We can’t group things when it’s one person’s choice

We can’t group think that we don’t have a voice

When I is a we and we are an us

We gotta’ learn to believe, learn to trust

In the good, in what could be,

A world where we see hope and love and peace

Without the violence and hostility

That has always been a part of our US history

Solidarity seems to only come after a tragedy

But shouldn’t we be standing together already

It shouldn’t take death, to appreciate life

Why do we need something like this to learn how to love


When my heart is so heavy, how can I be a light

When I can’t change what’s happened, how do I make it right

3 thoughts on “Heavy and Light

  1. I think you said most or even everything what we all feel. We feel so helpless when things like in Orlando happen. I think that bad things should motivate us to do even more good things. When darkness embraces us, we need to shine our light even brighter. And what I believe in for sure is, that whatever bad thing happened the wave of love is so much bigger and so very powerful. One lost soul can cause so much sadness. But countless more loving souls are there to show that this is not the end!

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    • Yes; Erika. Love is so powerful and so needed at times like this. It’s hard not to be angry, but more hate does not equal love and peace, so we must learn from these horrible events and come together for support. It is the time to remind each other how precious our life is and that any moment can be our end, so let’s make this one life count!

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