Romantic Tuesday – Lost In You

I’ve decided to join romantic Tuesday this week! Who knows, maybe every week! I thought it would be a good jump start back into writing. I hope you like it! 🙂



You stare, longingly, into my eyes

And I get lost, in your sea of blue

Your touch so strong and passionate

I melt into your skin, and we are one


Both excitement and fear, overwhelm my thoughts

My breath quickens, as I feel your body close

And I can feel my heart racing

Faster and faster, longing to be closer


My ear, pressed against your chest

I hear your steady heart beat

I feel your warm breath on my lips

Once again I am present with you


Time passes by like there are no clocks

Hours become days, days weeks

I stop counting the minutes until tomorrow

I am finally content, at peace; no more needs






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