In Perfect Timing


I haven’t always been the most patient of beings. When it came to love, I was always jumping in head first, without looking. When it came to rewards, I often favored the short-term over the long-term. As I am growing older, I have come to appreciate timing for what it is, instead of what it is not. In love, in work, and in pursuing my dreams.

The topic on many people’s posts and on my mind, this past several months, has been perspective. Erika Kind and I were just discussing this. It has been my experience, that when my friends or family come to me for advice, I often can step back and give some good insight to their current situation. However, when it is me that is having a hard time with something, it is difficult to have a clear perspective. Most often this is the case because my emotions are involved. Erika discussed on her post You Are Stronger Than Your Ego, that it is important to not only forgive someone that may have hurt you, but also to be grateful for what that person taught you. Her article really blew my mind and took me a step further in evolving as a spirit, not just a person. This happened in perfect timing, because it was exactly what I needed to hear, at the right moment. I feel when we are ready to hear something this huge, it comes. There have been plenty of times where I could have heard this and scoffed, because I wasn’t ready.

Right now, I am pursing my musical goals and dreams. I have written songs (lyrics and guitar) for the past ten to fifteen years, but it seemed like every attempt was stopped before I even really began. In my early twenties, I played a few small open mic nights and then joined another female artist as a duo. We ended up mostly playing for our friends and a few smaller gigs. We didn’t have the drive to keep going and we stopped having fun in the process. We weren’t ready to be serious. I tried again in my mid-twenties to just sing and a guy friend would play the guitar. We never seemed to be on the same page or agree to the same song choices. Eventually, that went nowhere also. Now, in my early thirties, I’ve decided to go solo. I hope someday I get the experience of collaborating, but right now I am doing it alone. I look around the music scene and see that teenagers are already playing open mic nights and starting their careers young. I have thought to myself that I am getting a very late “start” to my music career. But the God / Universe has perfect timing and I am learning this. I am beginning to get gigs and meet people in the industry and local music scene. It does take effort on my part, in getting myself out there, meeting people, writing songs, and well…showing up. I don’t know why it took me so long to believe in myself, but it did. So, here and now, in my thirties, I am just starting out and that is okay. That is part of my journey and I am learning to love it.

I read an article on a Facebook post that a friend recently shared. It was about intuition and knowing. It was a long post, but I knew it was for me. So, I read the whole thing. It talked about how second guessing goes out the window, when you can learn to trust your own intuition (and God / Universe). You will just know, when it is right. That was so profound to me, as someone who has always had trouble with indecision. I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust my judgment. I had been really impulsive when I was younger and I confused this lack of decision with poor decision making skills. This article really hit home, when it talked about how listening to your intuition is the opposite of impulsion, because it takes patience. Sometimes, you won’t know right away, and so you wait. Waiting is so hard, isn’t it? Heck, I am impatient when waiting for a red stoplight to change, let alone a huge life decision! In the end, though, it is truly worth it.

I don’t know what is going to happen in my life, but I am finally enjoying the journey. I am realizing that everything that has happened in my life, has taught me the lessons I needed to learn; and to become the person I am today and in each moment. What a treasure to find! I feel so blessed to be connected with spirit and with my own intuition. I am learning how to be a better listener and to wait if I need to wait or hold on just a little bit longer. I don’t have to compare myself with others or get jealous because someone else is more successful. I know that I am on my own journey and have my own timing. I am so thankful for every person in my life that was / is there to guide me, to teach me, to watch over me, and just be my friend. Love is the most powerful thing among us. It is a driving force that cannot be stopped. So if you are waiting for something to happen in your life, know that everything happens in perfect timing. Worrying is the only true waste of time. This doesn’t mean to do nothing; it just means to have a little faith that you are on the path you are meant to be on.

5 thoughts on “In Perfect Timing

  1. Karen… I have no words! Instead, I am having goosebumps all over. That was so deep, powerful, heartfelt, and profoundly insightful. It is awesome what you wrote about timing. Looking back, we understand so much why things could impossibly work out then and there. You are in your early thirties and already got that. Awesome! As you realized it, you did not believe enough in yourself. Now are at that point where you do, where you understood….and the timing was amazing that you got all the hints. A proof that you are ready now is that you even saw all those hints. Hey, lady, grab that mic and rock the world! 😎

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