Let It Be


What does it mean to “Let it be”? We have all heard this phrase at one time or another, but do we truly know and fully understand what it means? In my resent re-discovery of this phrase, I have found it to mean, to allow. When I think about letting it be, I think of no longer resisting what is. We are always pushing against something that we do not want, but by this active pushing we are constantly pouring our energy into things that we do not want, instead of allowing what we do want. We give attention to negativity and by doing this we attract more negativity into our lives. I am constantly hearing others complain about everything they dislike, while noticing that not very many people speak praise about what is going well in their lives.

When we are upset, a lot of people may tell us to just let it go and forget about it. This is not easy to do when you’re emotions are high and you are currently feeling hurt or angry. This is why to me it is more important to learn how to let things be. I am learning about mindfulness; and what it teaches me is how to sit with my emotions. It does not say to forget or neglect your feelings, quite the opposite, in fact. Mindfulness challenges us to understand why we are feeling what we are and to dig deeper into those emotions through objective observation. When we can separate ourselves from our feelings and turn into an observer, we can then come to a better understanding of why we feel what we do and how to be okay and sit in that uncomfortable awareness of what is and that which we cannot control. It is an amazing way to learn, grow, and transform your life. Mindfulness is a skill in which you can develop your ability to live your life with more clarity and awareness.

I challenge you to join me in practicing the act of letting it be. Going forward when you feel strong emotions coming on, do not ignore or fear your deep feelings. Instead, observe them and find out what is really going on. If you are in tune with your body, it will tell you what you need. So many times, I have ignored my own intuition or what my body was telling me and the result was that I was resisting what I truly needed for my life or for my health. I believe, that if we have something to learn in life, we cannot move forward until we learn that lesson. If our body is telling us it is in pain, we need to figure out why and how we can change and develop better habits. Letting it be does not mean to do nothing. Yes; we are sitting with our emotions in order to face reality, but mindfulness is an active tool that we use to LIVE our life, not run away from it or avoid it. I am not sure where you are presently or what is currently going on in your life, but I do know that by being mindful and allowing good things to happen in your life by letting the not so good things be. A large part of allowing and letting things be, is trust (or if you are spiritual, faith). You are choosing to trust that everything is as it should be. You are also choosing to trust yourself with how you are feeling and knowing that you can handle what comes your way, but you need to listen and observe.

I would love to hear updates on those of you that are taking up the challenge and practice of mindfulness and letting it be. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, concerns, insights, etc. As always thanks for reading! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. That is a fantastic post! I love this one sentence a lot “…I do know that being mindful and allowing good things to happen in your life by letting the not so good things be.” This is actually the essence! We can decide if we want to hang on to what hurts us and weaken ourselves or to turn around, let the past be past and make peace with it in the knowing that it strenghtens us and is the only way to make a change in life. On the other hand I think we should not deny our feelings but go through them consciously and clearly in order to kiss it good bye and move on. A great, great post, Karen!!!

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