De-Clutter Your Life (Part 1)



Sometimes we all need a break from all of the chaos we call life. How do we sort through everything in our minds so that we can once again think and see clearly? I tend to be overwhelmed when I am thinking about many things at once. I have to almost compartmentalize all of these things into categories or order of importance or sometimes distract myself all together on something meaningless so that my brain will stop hurting. Overthinking is for sure a “killjoy” activity as well as worrying. So how do we solve our chaos without being overwhelmed by it?

Just last week I painted the room I am renting, in a house I moved into recently. The walls were two different tan colors and there were holes and chipped paint from previous wall hangings and decor. I decided on a blue color for the simple fact that it was one of my favorite colors and it was also a calming yet happy color for a bedroom. I had to take everything out of the room and put it all back. I had only been there for a month, yet somehow clutter had already begun to take over my room. To my defense this room is very small and it does not take much to make it look crowded. Nevertheless, I covered the holes, painted the room blue, and organized a bit more as I put everything back. I could not believe the difference it made. My whole mood and attitude toward this once small and dingy room to now beautiful and perfect little room had changed dramatically. My room had a make-over, a fresh start.

So this got me thinking, what do I need to do to de-clutter, to start again? What is necessary and unnecessary in my life? How do I decide what fits and what needs to be thrown out? What does it mean for a person to get a fresh coat of paint? This week, I am tasking myself with this, so this blog entry is to be continued until I decided how I can do this. When I am feeling old, worn out, and small, how do I feel beautiful and perfect again?


To be continued….

I welcome all and any thoughts, comments, or suggestion to this topic, “De-Clutter Your Life.”

As always thanks for reading!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “De-Clutter Your Life (Part 1)

  1. Let go of somethings. Choose something as an aid either a song or picture or an item and visualise this as a thought or memory or clutter and let it go☺

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  2. In the end it is clear. Keep what feels good and let go what doesn’t. Because only what feels good is a match to who you are. Sometimes it helps to change the perspective of things and suddenly they feel good.
    That is the perfect moment for inviting you to a quote challenge, Karen. Perhaps you get some inspiration and can post quotes fitting your situation. If you like to participate, here is the link:

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